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Adventures in Adventures

There’s a great deal of adventure in writing an adventure. You’re a writer. You know how it is. The characters, their needs, the plot, the danger of plot holes, the … Continue reading

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Time and the Fragile Character

You’re a writer. You know how it is. The time to write…when is the right time to write? Now? Nope, busy reading this post. When you finish this post? Maybe. … Continue reading

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It’s Their Market – Let The Readers do the Work

The most basic tenet of Gorilla Marketing is “let somebody else do the work. Do nothing and expect big results.” In that spirit, I humbly present MARIGOLD’S END, Chapter Seven. … Continue reading

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Losing by Example

I committed a murder. She was young, with lovely dark eyes that gazed at the world in complete complacency. At my request, they hustled her into a private booth and … Continue reading

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Take a Team Across the Stream

You’re a writer – you know how it goes. You’re working feverishly on a project, everything fits like fingers in a bowling ball. And then, when you absotively least expect … Continue reading

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Shifting Gears in the Sea Lane of Time

You’re a writer. You know how it goes. You run like a monkey on a story, and then, blammo, like a ton of jelly, the story stops. The characters all … Continue reading

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Book Publicity: We’re Getting Somewhere Nice

If you’ve been reading the chapters of my book, MARIGOLD’S END, you’d know that I’m releasing it one chapter at a time onto this site. You could figure it out … Continue reading

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Gorilla Marketing Exposed in Book Chapter Release Scam

First, let me thank you for reading this. I know, that seems like a really cheesy ploy to get you to read on, because now you’re guilted into it. And … Continue reading

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Gorilla Marketing, Phase Two

You just gotta love a sequel, huh? What better way to follow up a mega blockbuster hit than with another blockbuster? Boom, looka that, folks, something even better! Well, in … Continue reading

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Publicity, One Chapter at a Time

Are you ready for the next installment of MARIGOLD’S END? I’ll bet you are – you there, my writer friend, sitting on the edge of your seat wondering, wondering, wondering … Continue reading

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