John D Reinhart

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Tomorrow Never Comes

Well, I don’t suppose it’s true that tomorrow never comes. If that happened we’d all be sorta stuck in a perpetual Groundhog’s Day scenario – say, haven’t we met, you … Continue reading

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The End of an Adventure Begets Another

Well, my friend, we’ve sailed over the horizon, haven’t we? I mean you, and me, and my novel, MARIGOLD’S END, the final chapter of which is now posted on this … Continue reading

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Tales of Steel

It just can’t be that hard to be Superman. Yes, your home planet blew up. Yes, you have to hide behind those dorky Clark Kent glasses in a world that … Continue reading

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Always Be Marketing

You noticed in my last post how I cleverly mentioned the name of my second novel, DROPPINGTON PLACE? Well, did you notice that I just mentioned it again? Boom. Right … Continue reading

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Bad Guys Need Not Apply

Enjoyed quite a bit of Tomorrowland, the new Disney marketing vehic…film. The message is a little preachy, but, at the 80% mark I realized that there were no bad guys. … Continue reading

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The Unlucky Chapter

Thirteen. There’s no 13th floor in the building. You’re counting the nickels in your piggy bank…10, 11, 12 oh please don’t let there be just one more…ah, 14. Chapter 13 … Continue reading

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Avast, yon Reader!

Nothing says nautical mayhem like the word “avast.” Right out of the box you know the words that follow are coming from seafaring devil, a maritime monster, a nautical ne’er … Continue reading

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Read On, Read On!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to your computer…noooooooooo! You have guessed correctly – yet another chapter of MARIGOLD’S END, a Phineas Caswell Adventure, is now available … Continue reading

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Shameless Marketing

Go ahead, say what you will. Get it out of your system. Shameless, tasteless, bad form, bad ‘cess to it. Fie on thee. There you go. Are you through? The … Continue reading

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Don’t Look Back

You’re a writer. You know how it goes. We work our brains out on a piece, twisting it, turning it, ripping it up, tossing it out, starting over again. And that’s … Continue reading

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