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Going Responsive

Responsive websites? I always thought your website was responsive if you just answered your emails. You’re a writer – you know how it is. You toil and slave over your … Continue reading

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Let the Marketers Market

You’re washing your face in the bathroom sink. The warm water makes a pleasant gurgle as it swirls down the drain. It’s California, so you don’t run the water too … Continue reading

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Make Yourself a Magic Virus

If you’re sick, don’t read this post. There’s a stupid wordplay about viruses that is, well, so bad that we’re just going to skip it. When you have just under two … Continue reading

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“Magic,” She Gasped.

“Magic,” she gasped. Say it again: “Magic,” she gasped. Tell your friends to say it: “Magic,” she gasped. It’s a mantra, unless that’s the bat-shaped fish. Whisper it in your … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Baby

Stand by to eject bathwater on my mark. Standing by, sir. And…mark. The bathwater is terminated. Nice shooting, Lieutenant. Roger that. The baby is outta here. Repeat: the baby is … Continue reading

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Marketing with Castanets

  Let’s be clear: I don’t like castanets. Those clickity-clackety chips of annoyance can only be played by Spanish ladies with fingers like hummingbirds. I can play a bunch of … Continue reading

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You are the One – Bring Your Wallet

In the writing business… that is, the business end of the writer’s business, although the writer’s business isn’t business at all, but art – this gets so confusing – not … Continue reading

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Gorilla Marketing – Again

If you’ve read earlier posts here, you’ll know I’m developing a theory called “gorilla marketing.” It’s really quite simple: you don’t do anything, and people beat a path to your … Continue reading

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Old Friends and New Ideas: A Marketing Ploy

It’s not good to close doors. I mean, obviously, if there’s a bear out there in the backyard, you probably don’t want to leave the kitchen door hanging open. But, … Continue reading

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Work It Like You Stole It

  Some stuff is not really free – like when you buy a used car and they say it’s new to you, or when you swipe the newspaper from some … Continue reading

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