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Read On, Read On!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to your computer…noooooooooo! You have guessed correctly – yet another chapter of MARIGOLD’S END, a Phineas Caswell Adventure, is now available … Continue reading

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Shameless Marketing

Go ahead, say what you will. Get it out of your system. Shameless, tasteless, bad form, bad ‘cess to it. Fie on thee. There you go. Are you through? The … Continue reading

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Don’t Look Back

You’re a writer. You know how it goes. We work our brains out on a piece, twisting it, turning it, ripping it up, tossing it out, starting over again. And that’s … Continue reading

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Adventures in Adventures

There’s a great deal of adventure in writing an adventure. You’re a writer. You know how it is. The characters, their needs, the plot, the danger of plot holes, the … Continue reading

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Time and the Fragile Character

You’re a writer. You know how it is. The time to write…when is the right time to write? Now? Nope, busy reading this post. When you finish this post? Maybe. … Continue reading

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It’s Their Market – Let The Readers do the Work

The most basic tenet of Gorilla Marketing is “let somebody else do the work. Do nothing and expect big results.” In that spirit, I humbly present MARIGOLD’S END, Chapter Seven. … Continue reading

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Losing by Example

I committed a murder. She was young, with lovely dark eyes that gazed at the world in complete complacency. At my request, they hustled her into a private booth and … Continue reading

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Take a Team Across the Stream

You’re a writer – you know how it goes. You’re working feverishly on a project, everything fits like fingers in a bowling ball. And then, when you absotively least expect … Continue reading

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Shifting Gears in the Sea Lane of Time

You’re a writer. You know how it goes. You run like a monkey on a story, and then, blammo, like a ton of jelly, the story stops. The characters all … Continue reading

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Book Publicity: We’re Getting Somewhere Nice

If you’ve been reading the chapters of my book, MARIGOLD’S END, you’d know that I’m releasing it one chapter at a time onto this site. You could figure it out … Continue reading

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