Twinklings of the Past

You’re a writer. You know how it goes. You work your keester off writing something that you just think is the bee’s knees, the cat’s pajamas, the Maharajah’s… uh, well, you get the idea.

But life happens and stuff happens and somehow it just doesn’t seem to be the big hit you expected. And then, one day…

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Avast, Ye Readers!

Nothing says nautical mayhem like the word “avast,” doncha think?

Right out of the box you know the words that follow are coming from some seafaring devil, a maritime monster, a nautical ne’er do well. This is because good guy pirates and Navy types don’t use the word.

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Networking Fool

That’s me. Look, Mom, I made a post! It’s vaguely stupid, and wouldn’t put it on my resume, but, hey, I made a post!

If you’re like me, you’re a busy person, with lots of interest. I know I am – you know, like me… whatever.

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On Writing Nonfiction

You’re a writer. You know how it goes. That helpful idea is really great – it might even make a pretty good book.

I’ve been reading a lot of nonfiction lately, gearing up for a great adventure.

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On Giving Up

When is giving up really giving up?

You’re a writer. You know how it goes. You work your keester off to create what you think is a great piece of art – and it is a great piece of art because you put your heart and soul and God knows how many hours of mindbending labor into it. And then you burned a gazillion more hours rewriting it – getting the characters just right, moving scenes so that it flows just as smooth as butter on a hot bun.

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Branding Yourself

Despite the danger of flaming rainwear, I think I’d rather burn my logo into an umbrella than into a cow.

Lately I’ve been trying to nail down my brand. Unlike cattle ranchers that burn their mark into the hide of their cows, our branding isn’t quite so easy.

Say you buy a calf from a rancher, see, and the calf has not yet been branded because she was a calf for sale, so you come up with a logo for your business, something like a circle around DMR for your Digital Marketing Resources.Com business, and you have that make into a hunk of iron that you can roast in a fire until it glows red and then grind it into that poor calf’s flank while she cries out in pain and indignation but, hey, she’s yours now….

Nope. Not branding like that. When ranchers look across their herds, they see hundreds of cows all wearing their logo. Branding like that.

You’re a writer. You know how it goes. You may write all kinds of stuff. So,how do you brand that? I have this blog, I have another on life hacks called Skippity Whistles, another on a ship modeling project that ties to my novel Marigold’s End, still another on paper models that ties to my novel Droppington Place, two self-published novels, a rewrite and two more in the works, plus a day job as a videographer. And now I’m looking for freelance work to help fund my kid’s college career. How do you burn all that into a cow?

I have a marketing friend at work that came up with a nifty logo for her name, and everything she does has that logo on it. She’s very young, and she’s really smart. And her idea seems like a pretty good one.

What do you think? Maybe you should build an umbrella with your logo on it, and put all your enterprises under it?

Wouldn’t you rather burn your logo into an umbrella than into some poor cow?

Facing Your Inner Fred

Do you think Fred Flintstone ever made it big? Do you think he owned an expansive place in the Hollyrock Hills, up next to the sign, and hung out with the likes of Dash Riprock, and Ann Margrock?

And, do you think he ever expected to? That’s the big question.

I mean, who was Fred Flintstone, anyway? A neolithic quarry worker with ideas bigger than both is budget and is ability to carry them out.

A guy blessed with a loving family and friends, but cursed with the simple bad luck. The dinosaur got pregnant, the sabretooth tigers got to his supply of bronto burgers. Lightning blew up his F-R-E-D radio station. Stuff like that.

I’ve been thinking about fame and fortune of late, wondering if ever that ship would dock in my harbor. And I’ve come to realize that, like Fred, the answer is probably no.

There was that dreadful Flintstones movie, in which John Goodman as Fred did finally succeed, and was fabulously wealthy. But he was a complete jerk, and as cold as callous as the current American president.

Finally, when the plot sorts itself out and we find he was just a dupe, he’s offered a chance at real wealth – a partnership with Mr. Slate.

He turns it down, saying “all my life I wanted to be somebody. When I became somebody, I didn’t like who I was,” and goes back to working in the quarry with Richard Moll.

When I look in the mirror, I’m not sure I see someone who’s going to be rich and famous. I see a guy surrounded by a loving family and friends, but not blessed with the luck or talent to bring fame and fortune to him. He’s probably more like Fred.

But, like Fred, that guys believes there’s always another idea, another scheme, another sure-fire way to make it into the Hollyrock Hills.

So, off to another scheme, this one guaranteed to make it. This time for sure, eh Barney?