Character Hijackery Part II

It’s been a while, but I previously posted a bit on how the voices in your head sometimes take over your story. Oh, wait, I just said what this entire post is about. Rats.

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Finishing Things

I’m working on my third million dollars. Yes, I gave up on the previous two…

So, now I’m, like 27,000 words into a new novel – 27,033, but who’s counting. But this evening, while trying to find the new one on my cloud drive, I came across the other novels I’d already started.

Let’s see, there’s an English murder mystery – sort of a non-starter because I’m a terrible mystery writer (can’t keep a secret).

There’s a story about a fictional European country attempting to convert a 104-gun ship of the line into a 50-gun razee. That one’s kind of interesting, actually – my homage to the Three Musketeers.

How about this? A teenage kid gets into a series of scrapes with the family car, only to find there’s a family of miniature people living inside it. Clever? Witty?

How about a re-imagining of a book I’ve already published but seen through the eyes of a thirteen year old black slave girl?

All right, one more: a foppish, wealthy English land officer buys a privateer to rescue his failing career, only to find his crew has much darker plans.

My darling wife told me I’m a humorist, and should only write a story that I’m happy to tell.

Sooooo, this new book springboards off of my also-already-published novel Droppington Place – admittedly not a great book – and has fun with the main character Winchester Penrose, a misbegotten sawdust man, and his ten-year-old companion and their adventures in trying to get home. Yes, it is odd, but it makes me happy.

I imagine the point is that you have to knock on a lot of doors to find the story that makes you happy.

We’ll talk more when I finish this one…

I Don’t Like the Beach

My novels, well one of the ones I’ve published and two that I’m working on, are about ships on the deep blue sea. But those ships are in the sea, not down at the beach.

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I Am a Phone Pirate

I almost titled this post “The Pirate in My Pocket,” but then realized that could be a serious double entendre. But I digress… I admit it. It’s me. Uh oh.

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Doing that Thing that You Do

G.B. Trudeau, the cartoonist behind the legendary Doonesbury cartoon strip, said something unusually profound today. Even I got it!

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The Island of Lost Brains

Oh, I used to have one, I promise. And it worked pretty good. But it’s gone now, that brain o’ mine. Been thinking about putting up posters on the light posts: Lost Brain, pinkish gray in color, answers to “hey, moron…”

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Always Writing

You’re a writer, you know how it is. You write. You have to write, not because it’s your job, but because it’s like breathing.

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