Thank you for visiting my page. I am novelist, specializing in fiction for young adults; a technical writer/illustrator; and the father of three great kids – one in the Navy, one in college, and one who just entered middle school.

The sailing history of the Napoleonic Era and the story of the American navy during World War II are my areas of specialty, but I’m not above researching exploring current events, such as the wreck and recovery of the Costa Concordia. If it floats, I’m intersted.

You can count me in if it floats in space, too. My articles on planetary science, exoplanets in particular, have generated well over 100,000 reads, and over 4800 fans at Scienceray.com.

When I’m not working as a technical writer/illustrator, you can find me studying California history, or in a local nautical museum, or at the movies – I am a big film fan as well.

The light can always be brighter – that’s my firm belief. Even when you’re looking the sun dead in the eye, you can be more brilliant. We all live in a lovely place, and it is the application of our brilliance that makes it better.


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