Marigolds End Fin

Phineas Caswell, the twelve-year-old hero of MARIGOLD’S END,   is a somewhat prickly twelve-year-old boy, dragged off to sea by his sea captain uncle. He learns to deal with a genuine loss that leads him to serious self-doubt. That he’s been taken from his land-based world is not necessarily a bad thing, except that the sea-based life into which he’s been thrust may be worse. In the end, he must face his demons and prove himself to himself – perhaps that’s the hardest proof to find.

Marigolds EndChapter One

PortQuarterdeckChapter Two

cropped-00911.jpgChapter 3

007Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

BS at Sea 3Chapter 7

PiratesChapter 8

001Chapter 9

CapnJohnChapter 10

wpirate_paradeChapter 11

Scary PyrateChapter 12

Chapter 13Chapter 13

ShipsFightingChapter 14

BS CloseupChapter 15

Stormy SeasChapter 16, the last


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